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Bitcoin Group

As Australia’s largest mining operator, we assist in securing the AU$9.06 billion dollar Bitcoin Blockchain Network by validating 182,069 transactions every 24 hours.

We do this with a portfolio of 6,129* Specialised Mining Machines, with an output of 6.2 Petahashes, which powers a 1.19% market share of global hash rate.

For our efforts, we are rewarded with newly remitted bitcoins.

*Number of machines powered by hash power agreements and fully hosted service agreement. For more detail click here.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the infrastructure layer which powers the whole Bitcoin Network.

Every company, application and future innovation using the Bitcoin network relies on the Bitcoin Miners to securely and efficiently process transactions.

Mining serves two purposes:
1. Currency issuance of bitcoins by the Bitcoin Network to Miners;
2. Securing the Bitcoin Network through the verification of Bitcoin transactions…

Bitcoin is an implementation of Wei Dai‘s b-money proposal on Cypherpunks in 1998 and Nick Szabo’s Bitgold proposal.



—Satoshi Nakamoto

Why Bitcoin Matters

Internet is democratising information, 3D printing is democratising manufacturing, Bitcoin is democratising money. How? As the worlds first and leading decentralised trust network, Bitcoin is able to transfer power from Banks (incumbents) to the people, and in the process help connect the billions of unbanked in the world to the global economy.




—Samuel Lee, CEO, Bitcoin Group Limited

Join us


Join our journey to disrupt the financial world through:

  1. Securing the blockchain through Bitcoin Mining
  2. Making Bitcoin more useful
  3. Democratising trust


Invest in the leader of a fast growth industry that is:

  1. Accountable, transparent and legitimate
  2. Cash flow positive and profitable
  3. Truly publicly owned (91% floated by co-founders)


“Bitcoin Group has powerful computers to do this work in seven sites across Australia, Iceland and China.” Sydney Morning Herald

The possible move to embrace blockchain as the technology to power Australia’s primary securities exchange comes during a time when Australia-based Bitcoin Group Limited, a bitcoin mining operator is gearing up for the launch of the world’s first bitcoin mining IPO on November 11, 2015.


About $18 million from the IPO will be spent on more computers to bolster the group’s mining power.

Financial Review

Now, Australia (and the world) is getting its first listed Bitcoin trader, in the form of Bitcoin Group Limited (ASX: BCG), which recently released its prospectus to interested investors.

The Motley Fool

Bitcoin Group, which has five computer centres in China, is able to crack one to two blocks a day using 6000 machines.

The Australian Business Review

“While globally there are at least two other publicly traded bitcoin companies following ‘backdoor listings’, Bitcoin Group would be the first to offer shares in an IPO.” Reuters

“Though other bitcoin firms, including digitalBTC and Bitcoin Shop have publicly-traded shares, Bitcoin Group maintains it is the first digital currency company to IPO as it has avoided going through so-called ‘backdoor listings’.”


“Unlike private companies, however, listed companies have a higher level of compliance; audited numbers will assist us in educating people interested in our industry with facts, not fiction.” said Lee.


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