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Our emerging momentum

In our determination to create a state of the art global Bitcoin Mining operation, we have focused our efforts to not only having the latest high performing infrastructure on a large scale, but also towards the minimisation of costs through strong industry connections and access to low cost electricity in China. In doing so, it has allowed us to become one of the most profitable and fastest growing Bitcoin Miners in the industry, having become the largest Miner in Australia in our first year.


Revenue$ 000
     Revenue from Bitcoins Mined1,803
     Total Revenue1,803
Bitcoin Mining Costs
     Service Fees(620)
     Occupancy Costs(440)
     Mining Pool Fees(26)
     Total Bitcoin Mining Costs(1356)
     Gross Profit447
Other Income
     Advertising costs1
     Rental Income25
     Foreign exchange gains25
Other Expenditures
     Advertising costs (63)
     Employment expenses(115)
     Rental expense(124)
     Travel and Accommodation(18)
     Other Expenses(127)
     Profit before Income Tax51
     Income Tax Expense(17)
     Net profit after tax34
     Fair Value gain/(loss) on Bitcoins, net of tax21
Total comprehensive income55


Performance at a glance

Mining Revenue:


Total comprehensive income:

Net cash flow from operating activities:

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